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The Automotive Shock Shop – the Experts in Shock Absorbers

Manukau Auto & Tyre Centre is a proud franchise holder for The Shock Shop. With 30 years of experience handling all types of suspension systems, we can provide expert services on your vehicle’s shock absorbers and suspension.

Our workshop specialises in custom systems that will suit your requirements, such as Vehicle Lowering, Towing, and Race Set Ups. We can also arrange for Compliance Certification to be carried out in our workshop.

Signs You Need a Shock Absorber Replacement

If your car has any of the following signs, it’s time to schedule a shock absorber replacement:

  • Steering wheel vibrates while driving
  • Car dips and swerves while braking
  • Car rattles or rocks over uneven surfaces and bumps
  • Car slides and veers across the road in mild winds
  • Tyres show visible sign of uneven wear

Visit us for a FREE shock absorber test!

We offer a FREE shock absorber test and specialist technical suspension services. We test using the German designed and manufactured M-Tronic Shock Absorber Tester. This is the only machine of its kind in New Zealand. Within minutes, we can tell you the state of your shock absorbers.

DIY Modifications

If you’re carrying out your own modifications, we can supply the parts and offer honest advice to help you achieve your desired result. We stock a large range of shock absorbers, springs and suspension parts.

Our Services

Worn out shocks don’t just lead to your tyres and suspension wearing out quickly. They will put you and your passengers at serious risk of injury or death. Worn out shock absorbers reduce your holding on the road, increase running costs and decrease passenger comfort.

We care about your safety. That’s why we offer the services and products below:

Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment is important to the overall functioning of your car. Trust Manukau Auto & Tyre Centre to align your wheels.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing prevents uneven wear on your tyres.

Suspension Repairs and Enhancement

We will improve your ride comfort, car handling and steering stability.

Electronic Shock Testing

We use electronic shock testing to test your vehicle’s powertrain, structural and electrical components.

Shock Absorbers

We can replace and repair your shock absorbers.

Did you know? Just one worn shock absorber can take another 2.6 metres to stop in an emergency. That’s the difference between stopping and a collision!

Coil Springs

Coil springs are an important part of the shock and suspension systems. We can provide these parts and install them in your vehicle.

Suspension Bushes

Tired, damaged or worn suspension bushes can affect your steering. We can check for this and replace them as needed.

Manukau Auto & Tyre Centre is your one-stop-shop for shocks and suspension in South Auckland. Contact us today to make an enquiry.


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