Used Wheels & Tyres

Reconditioned & Pre-loved Wheels & Tyres

In recognition of the Guru’s expertise in second hand wheels, he was asked to feature as the Industry Expert on Target.

With 30 Years in the industry behind us, Manukau Auto & Tyre Centre has one of New Zealand’s most comprehensive ranges of used wheels & tyres.

Second Hand Alloy Wheels

We do our best to keep our used listings up to date on our Trademe store but it’s best to ring us if you’re on the hunt for a bargain.

As Manukau Auto is also a Warrent of Fitness issuer, we ensure all wheels and tyres we fit and sell meet the WOF Standards.

Did you know: Legally, treads must be at least 1.5mm deep across three quarters of the tread pattern around the entire tyre. However, if you have tread depth indicators in the principal grooves then you must have at least 1.5mm tread depth in these areas.


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